Thursday, 9 September 2010

Developing new Craft Space

Hi there
I am sooooo sorry that yet again I find myself apologising for lack of blog posts.
I have not had the best 6 weeks of the year and all my creative thoughts sort of flew out the window and I wasn't able to come up with anything worth sharing with you...

Although I do not have a card to show you today I do have something amazingly creative to share with you. This is my whole new craft space in the making and by that I mean it is going to be my new classroom AND my office, all in the same spot. I needed to bring all my craft areas together and also have it separate to our actual living area and the conservatory will deliver exactly that. My regular class ladies have been watching the progress each week and I think some of them are as excited as I am about the new space, especially as it looks huge at the moment until I start moving in my new cupboards etc and I am sure that it will feel 100% smaller once my Stamping Up stash moves in too.

The builder finished the plastering this week and it is now ready for painting so we need to get a move on with that. DH also then has 22 boxes of tiles to fit and I need to get on and get the window blinds sorted.......and then just a few more finishing touches and it will be ready.

Realistically speaking it is now going to be October when I shall be ready for my first classes in this beautiful new craft room. What better time to move in and increase my classes when the SU new catty also goes live on the 1st October. I am planning lots of new and fresh classes and will now have room to fit up to 10 ladies at a time. If you are interested in my up and coming classes for October and November please get in contact and get your name on my mailing list. I will then let you know as soon as I am posting details of the new classes on a regular basis.

Anyway hope you like the look of my new crafting space and don't forget to pop back to see how it is coming on. I cannot wait until I can show you the completed project and hopefully it will not be too long .


Janette said...

wowee Maria that looks amazing...cant wait to see it looks like you have a fab view ??
Janette x

Maria said...

Wow thanks Janette, I had not even realised you could see the view in the reflection ha ha ha.
I am sure I will find it far more inspiring sitting in there looking at the hills than in my tiny box room where my creating has all been done up until now.
Here's hoping it brings lots and lots of new class ideas lol

Need More Time to Craft said...

Ohh my Maria, this looks fantastic. I am so jealous. Good luck with this adventure. Be sure to show us all when complete.
Carole x

Jane said...

WOW!! What a fantastic could hold your own mini Convention in there!!
Love to see more piccies as it develops
Jane x

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