Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Test tube gifts

I have another little gift idea to share with you today. These are little plastic test tubes which I have filled with Hot Chocolate Drink and Marshmallows in the double holder and Raspberry Flavoured " Millions" chewy sweets in the Pink single one.

I made a simple acetate box with card top and bottom for the pink one. For the double one I used a template from over at Lisa Somerville's blog ( her work is incredible, go take a look at her creations here )

Monday, 8 December 2008

Christmas Welcome gift

Hi there

I thought I would share with you a little gift and card that I have made this morning. It is a very simple gift to make but I like the idea of matching card and bag.

Stampin'Up! makes this soooo easy with all the matching cardstock, ink pads and ribbons and it's one of the reasons I love their products.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Christmas Day table

I am feeling so pleased with myself today.

I hit upon the idea of these mini pillow boxes for on my dinner table on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. They are just the perfect size to hold an After Eight mint. I shall be having these instead of crackers this year.

Mini matchbox storage

I have seen lots of these matchbox storage towers used as advent calendars and set out to make one of my own. However once I had the basic tower built I decided that it was too nice to only use as an advent one so I have decided I am going to have it on my shelf in my craft room to store mini embellishments.

I made a folded origami box for the top ( I made the bottom of the box smaller than I usually do when I am making a gift box as I need the lid to lift off very easily so it does not pull the bottom of the box up off of the platform bit) This gives me an additional storage area for other little bits and bobs. Obviously I still have a few extra embellishments to add to the side panels for decoration but I just wanted to share it with you asap.

If anyone knows of a REALLY CHEAP blank and empty matchbox supplier here in the UK I would be thrilled if you would let me know. I paid £2.10 for the 24 matchboxes I needed and although this is not massively expensive for such a cute finished article, I am at a loss as to what to do with the 960 matches that were inside lol. I just know that I am going to want to make lots of these little drawer sets so any advice would be gratefully received.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Season of Joy Red version

And here is the Red version

Season of Joy

Hi there

I thought I would share this morning's creations with you . I fancied making some Z - Fold cards so have made 7 so far today.

I think these will all be for my neighbours ( I try to make all of my neighbours cards using the same stamp set and each year I make a note of which image I have used so the designs change every year)

I have got a couple of calendars to put together this afternoon so I am determined to have a productive day today.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Season of Joy

Well I have been on a roll again today. I made 12 Christmas cards (mainly just one design but different colourways) before lunchtime and then this evening I have made a further 8 Christmas cards in this design ( with added extra of white ribbon on the left side). Can you tell that I am now feeling quite desperate in my bid to get my cards made lol.

The only drawback of being a card maker is that everyone expects a handmade creation these days. I just KNOW that I would get looks of horror if I were to try and palm people off with shop bought cards now.

Oh well 20 cards completed today to go with my 10 mug gift sets I made yesterday.....now that is not a bad achievement for just two days

How many days do I have left ha ha ha.............................

Stocking filler gifts

Here is a picture of what I got up to last night. The inspiration came from various blogs and galleries on the Internet.

I went out yesterday and bought a selection of mugs in Asda. Last night I made 10 of these gift sets with chocolate drink, marshmallows, bar of chocolate and scallop covered Elizabeth Shaw chocolates. They are for my family and friends as stocking filler pressies but they would also be perfect as standby gifts for unexpected visitors.

Bright, white world today

Well we certainly have snow today. It all looks rather beautiful and I am just glad I don't need to go anywhere today.

I now have a perfect opportunity to get cracking with my christmas cards. I made some lovely stocking filler christmas gifts yesterday and will upload a picture later.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Silent Night

Thought I had better get a move on with some Christmas cards.......otherwise I can see I will be the one and only card maker who hasn't sent any handmade creations this year. I usually have ALL my 100+ cards made and posted by the end of November but time has got the better of me this year. This is a quickie card to start me off, using one of my all time favourite SU sets "Silent Night"

So for the rest of this week I will be frantically making all those that need posting and getting them in the mail by Monday next week. And then I will have to concentrate on the more intricate "Family and Close Friends" cards and gifts that are just ideas buzzing around in my brain at the moment.

Guess who is going to be up til midnight or later on Christmas Eve this year ?
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