Tuesday, 17 January 2012

2012 A new Start

Hi there Peeps
I know I have been missing for such a long time, thanks to all of you who still visit in the hope that I will eventually get back into my blogging. I can only say I will be trying to update my blog at least once a week and start sharing my projects with you once again

Just before Christmas we lost our old Persian cat Zoe and it was devastating after having her share our lives for some 14 and half years. Our remaining Siamese cat Sapphire was also feeling the loss quite badly, so with that in mind we have been back to Sapphire's breeder. We really wanted a pair of kittens and are delighted that she was able to accomodate our needs. We are now the extremely proud owners of Mr Darcy and Lady Eleanor and they are settling in very nicely. Our Sapphire was horrified by these little whirlwinds to start with but the past few days has seen her allowing the smaller one, Darcy to curl up behind her in the conservatory (even though she still hisses and her language leaves a lot to be desired he just carries on in his determination to make her his friend) I think it will take longer for Eleanor and Sapphire to make friends as Eleanor is quite a feisty madam and swears back when Sapphire forgets her manners and Sapphire really doesn't quite know what to make of that ! ! !

For the first week I didn't even manage to get into my craftroom most days as there was just too much in there for them to be trusted and too many dangers (I had sooooooo forgotten that new kittens are just like having toddlers in the house and that they have no sense of danger) However I made a decision last week that I simply had to get back to work so I had to let them come in with me as I cannot leave them alone with Sapphire as yet. I have to say on the whole they have been brilliant and so long as I have my heaters on full blast and the sun is shining they are content to simply sunbath and sleep. I now have various pussy cat blankets across all my chairs and all three of them get up there and stay put for hours. Darcy has even taken to braving Sapphires wrath to go and curl up with her. She growls and swears at him but he carries on regardless and then she just turns her back on him and allows him to curl up behind her. They then stay there for an hour or so................peace reigns in my craft room.

I have actually spent the last few days preparing a few classes for the next 3 weeks or so and that is no mean feat with the added distraction of these cute little balls of love in here, especially when they do wake up and are into everything............I have so far avoided the inked little paw pads but I am sure it will happen soon and I will no doubt share their artwork with you lol
Anyway they will be needing feeding and then off to bed shortly so I will just leave you with a few images of them and Sapphire for now and be back tomorrow with some actual crafting with a bit of luck


Marisa said...

So lovely to see you back blogging Maria. I am glad to here the two fluffy bundles are settling in well :-) xx

Need More Time to Craft said...

Oh Maria, What bundles of fun. Welcome back to the world of blogging. x

Tina said...

Hi Maria, Lovely to hear from you.
Your little bundles are beautiful.

Val said...

Brilliant to see you back on here Maria xxx

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