Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A Little Bit of Happiness

I have not had a lot of time for stamping in the past month as we have been busy finishing off our decorating ( we started this in May....but it was always going to be a long job as we totally gutted our lounge and dining room and also had a whole wall taken down in the lounge)
It is now finally finished and I had the carpets fitted on Thursday. The house has been in total uproar for the past two weeks especially, as we had to virtually empty the downstairs area so I have spent the weekend trying to get it all straight.

I have also started my major Craft Room clearout so it actually looks horrendous at present as I have soooooooo many sheves / boxes with things out whilst I sort which things are going.

In amongst this total madness I have actually made a couple of cards using the Hostess Level 1 set "A Little bit of Happiness. I have had this set for a couple of months at least and only mounted it this week. As in the previous post.....I have only managed to make two very simple cards so far but I just know I will keep coming back to this set as it is really so lovely. There are 4 stamps in total and I love this long, horizontal look. The one with the hearts will be so good to use for Valentines or Anniversary cards.

Well I need to get some more of these boxes sorted out now as I have no room to move in here until I remove some stuff.

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