Sunday, 4 October 2009

Launch Party Invite

Sorry for the lack of posts this past fortnight. I have a few days away on holiday and brought the flu back with me as a souvenir which wasn't good.
On top of that we have just started work on our new kitchen so I had to empty it all which took forever. I am now without a "working" kitchen for a few days whilst the main work is done so it's all a wee bit chaotic here, however it is going to be gorgeous once it is completed.

So all in all I am a wee bit behind with my prep for my launch party on the 13th so will now be spending the next 9 days frantically creating lots of nice samples for all my guests to enjoy on the day. I thought I would share with you the invite I made for all my existing customers and extend that same invite to any of you who would like to pop in on the 13th. Just email me me for further details.


Jo said...

Gorgeous invites Maria, is that Elegant Eggplant that I haven't tried yet?

Maria said...

Thank you Jo

Yes it is most definitely Elegant Eggplant. You soooooooo need to try this colour and pretty soon I guarantee you will be as addicted to it as the rest of us. It just goes with so many other colours
(and not only the Rich Regals either)

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