Monday, 3 May 2010

Card Buffet card

Hi there
I have decided not to show the other card my Jaunty ladies made on Friday as I want to use the design for someone who may visit my blog. Instead I will share one of my card buffet cards with you.
The card buffet is what I call my selection of card kits I have available for the members of my new craft club to make if they do not have a project of their own to work on. I had a starting number of 10 card designs for them to choose from and regularly add 5 brand new designs each month, so there is always going to be something new each time we meet. All the materials are provided in a pack and I bring all the stamps, tools, punches etc they need to complete their given cards. So far it has proved a great success and I am really glad I went along with this idea especially for those ladies new to crafting who as yet do not have a massive collection of stamps.

So this is just one of the designs and it has proved quite popular already ( my ladies are "pink" ladies like myself lol)

1 comment:

Val said...

How lovely is this Maria, a great idea for your ladies too xxx

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