Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Apologies for being AWOL for such an extended period. I can only say that family matters have meant I have had no time or inclination for blogging in the past three weeks.

I have wanted to share with you the projects from my Christmas in July event and will do so now. I had six projects for my ladies to make at this event and with hindsight I think I could have possibly done one or two projects less as my poor guests had to work their fingers to the bone to complete all of them.

Thank you to all the ladies who attended and I look forward to having you at my next event. Please let me know if you wish to be on my mailing list in order that details of the next one will be automatically posted out / emailed to you

SPECIAL THANKS to every one of my regular ladies who helped me make this day possible in extreme circumstances (YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE) ...... I couldn't have gone ahead without each and every one of you and I am so grateful to you all for the love and support.


Val said...

these are gorgeous Maria, so pleased to see you back blogging again, my thoughts have been often with you lately xxx

Emma said...

So Glad to see you back.. sorry to hear your sad news xxxx
You did so well to carry on with your craft day, it's so good to have great friends to rally around you! xxx

Janette said...

Hi Maria,

The projects look awesome was great to see you at Jennys the other day.

Hows the plans at home coming on ????
Janette x

Maria said...

Hi Janette
The works at home....ummmmmmmmmmmm
coming along nicely but just NOT quick enough for my impatient nature......... I will share piccies as soon as it is ready for me to move everything in
Lovely to see you too, it's been a while.

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