Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Stampin Up Ribbons Storage

Apologies for not sharing a card with you today but that's because I have been so busy this week but not with making new cards. I am attending an event with one of my downline this evening and there have been lots of things to prepare for that. On top of that I am in the initial stages of preparation for my next day event which will be held on Saturday 28th April so have been out shopping for various things I need for that. I have also finally been to Ikea and bought the shelves for my SU ribbon storage, a job that has been in the pipeline for the past couple of years. I first saw this storage idea at my uplines and vowed that I would have the same one day. Well I finally talked hubby into putting the shelves in my cupboards and taaaaadaaaaa here is the finished job. I know that I have lots of gaps still as I don't yet have all of the gorgeous Stampin Up ribbons....but come on! all you crafters out there know that the best storage ideas are those that are "expandable" lol. The little tubs to the right of the picture are another neat tidying up tip. I have used up all those thin strips of cardstock that we all get left with. I stamped mixed sentiments and punched them out using the Word Window Punch and then grouped various ones together in old buttons and brads pots. I now have a nice selection of pre-stamped sentiments ready to use and in the process have put a stop to my over-spilling strips box.

In amongst all this tidying and prepping activity I have also got to show you the biggest distractions of all........my 3 Siamese babies. We have had a seriously worrying time with my little boy kitten as he has been very poorly. However over the past two weeks Mr Darcy has been recovering well and is now happy just being a naughty little boy as kittens are meant to be. He plagues the life out of Eleanor now but it is so lovely to see him thriving at long last so even she seems to let hime get away with murder lol. Both the kittens spend all their time out in my craftroom with me and they just love it when the sun is shining. This week we also had a bit of a breakthrough when my older Siamese cat Sapphire chose to get up and sleep with Darcy on their chairs, and she was followed later on by a very tentive Eleanor. As any of you who have added young cats to an existing older cats home will know this is THE picture you all want to capture when you can finally see that the older cat is mellowing towards the interlopers ! ! ! So we have now finally entered a new regime of me opening up the craftroom each morning and them all wanting the best sun chair in the house.

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Carol Matthews said...

Maria - I love your blog! Your cards are lovely. But I love your kitty photos the best today!! I'm so glad the interlopers have finally been accepted, and how could you not love a boy named Mr. Darcy!! I'm so glad he's doing better. Along with your creations please keep the cat news posted too!
Carol from Canada

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