Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Bind it new toy

I just got my new Bind it All machine and heres my first ever project. It's a photo cube made for one of the young lads that I work with. I got the idea from the "Scrapbook Magazine" Issue 28.

I have put an acetate layer over each photo and laced it with some red raffia that I have had for ages and never used. It took me about an hour but that included printing the photos to start with. It was good fun and quite easy to make and I see all sorts of decorated mini boxes now appearing as storage containers on my cd tower storage.


Qwerty08 said...

Awww wow thats ace! It looks really good. I can't believe how good that little contraption is hehe :)

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Janette said...

Hi Maria,

This looks could make a stampers money box !!
Janette x

Maria said...

Hi Janette

UUUUUMMMMMMMM Stampers money box....what's one of those ?

My money goes straight to craft suppliers usually....doesn't ever get to be saved lol.

I did think about making some custom sized ones without the "lid" to fit the cubes on my new cd tower as unusual storage boxes.

And shock and horror I have actually thought of using my pretty scrapbook papers stash instead of photos and decorating them with embelishments on the side that shows at the front. Like I said I have only thought about it at this stage.....needs careful consideration to use my stash lol.

Stampin' Up! Gal said...

Oh WOW!!! Love the box... it looks to difficult for me though :) Well done!

Maria said...

Hi Jodi

Glad you liked my little box. It really isn't difficult to make. If it was difficult believe me I wouldn't have been able to do it within the hour like I did.
All you need is 6 x chipboard/ really thick cardstock 6xPhotos and 6x Acetate.
I cut all mine to 4 inches square, then punched all the holes with my Bind it All machine, along all four edges of each piece. Then you simply lace them together through all the holes ( I used red raffia that I have had for ages.
What I would suggest (and I didn't do this as it was my first attempt) is that I would stick the photo layer to the chipboard one before punching the holes so they can't get dog eared on the corners if you know what I mean.
The only other thing to remeber is to do the lacing quite loosely to start with and then tighten it all once you have got it into the box shape.
Hope this inspires you to give it a go.
Thank you for taking the time to post a comment

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