Sunday, 17 February 2008

Dahlia card

Well this is my first attempt at a Dahlia card. I saw cards using this technique firstly on Jenny's blog and then on Debby Winters and thought they were very different.

I have done a couple of Teabag cards in the past but this flower is so pretty. I decided at 10.30pm Friday that I just had to have a try......bit of a problem I did not remember having any double sided paper. I went scrabbling around in my stash and found literally just one sheet of paper. By this time it was almost 11pm but I was determined so armed with my 1 1/2 inch punch I made a start. I cannot believe how easy it was to do and how quickly I had made the flower.

Although it is certainly not the nicest paper I thought I would post the results of my frantic 45min play. I now simply have to purchase some decent pretty double sided paper to make a better card.......

I think Jenny and Debby got the ideas from Split Coast Stampers and the link for the template is here

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Janette said...

Hi Maria,
Lovely card...Jen showed us Thursday gone how to do it :)
I had seen it before on a card but not in the flesh.
Once you have typed the link put the cursor at the begining and click hold and drag to highlight the link then type a word like *link* or *here* or *this* etc etc and then the word chosen will be underlined as the link....hth
Janette x

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