Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Ummm Anyone for a little Snow ??????

Well no cards to share with you today as nothing I can create could possibly compete with the pictures I AM sharing . How gorgeous is this beautiful valley today ? I am so glad I can now enjoy this view everyday when I am working in my new craft space. Admittedly it is a wee bit distracting but I am so lucky to be able to see all of this in the middle of winter whilst being as snug as a bug in my conservatory.

I am busy today making some little gifts and a make and take project for my Craft Club ladies for our last 2010 meeting on Monday night. I have planned a mini Christmas party and looking outside today I am hoping they will be able to get there on Monday. I am staying positive and need to get them finished. I will try to remember to take photos when I have them all done.


Stamping Moments said...

Looks lovely, Alot of Snow there!

Jane said...

We've finally had snow today......the boys are excited as school's closed. I have asked them if I can get a few pictures of it before their friends decend, and turn it into a slushy mess!!

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