Thursday, 2 May 2013

A little bit of "This and That" Brand New Product from Stampin' Up!

Are you looking for something completely fresh and new ? Do you struggle to find time for full size scrapbooking but love the idea of recording all the little things in your life that make it complete ?Then the brand new "THIS AND THAT" product suite from Stampin' Up! will be exactly what you are looking for.

As European Demonstrators we have just seen this wonderful new idea debut in the USA and have been keeping our fingers and toes crossed that we would also be getting this suite in our new catalogue which is due out in July. Imagine our excitement when we were told told that not only will it feature in the new catalogue but that we will be able to order it as a special discounted bundle for just one month until 31st May.  And this offer is NOT just for demonstrators it is for all of our customers too. 

    Stampin' Up! tell us that the This and That product suite will have further items added to the range in subsequent catalogues but for the debut offering we have a gorgeous debossed chipboard journal (complete with designer paper pages inside), stunning seperate pack of matching Designer Series Paper, Stickers Pack, Washi Tape and Rotary Stamp.
 I am delighted to note that this range has everything in just one bundle that we need to begin this amazing venture. 

Stampin' Up! say this range is all about you....... Your journal, your life, your ideas and your stuff !
A place for you to pop inside those bits and bobs that we all collect, for you to record all those silly little events that mean something just to you. Snapshot photos, tickets, creative doodles or design ideas anything that makes up the person who is you.

No worries if you cannot quite stretch to the whole bundle just now.....all items are available seperately so you can build up your range bit by bit.

I will be ordering my bundle this weekend and cannot wait to get started on my first ever journal Stampin' Up style. I have great plans for a new and organised way forward and this magic little package is going to help me with that. No more tins, boxes, folders full of silly little scraps of paper, card sketches, tickets from days out etc etc they are all going to be in one place. My journal, my life, my ideas and my stuff.

Will you join with me in this "Epic" journey ?

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