Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Short break in Wales

Hi there
Sorry there have been no posts over the weekend. Gordon and I have been away for a quiet retreat to North Wales. We have been on a battery re-charge in a tiny log cabin in an idyllic setting and only a short drive from Barmouth where the beach is amazing.
Anyone who knows me will know that the beach/sea shore is my most favourite place to be and I have always loved to be on the beach in the middle of winter when no-one else is out. It was a beautiful sunny day on Saturday and although it was cold, the skies were blue and there wasn't a breath of wind so it was just perfect. I have to say I think this weekend was the first time I have ever seen ice drifts in the sand dunes and it seemed a bizarre mix to me although it did look lovely.

The other silhouette pictures were taken on Friday afternoon on our way to the cabin. We simply had to stop and capture this sunset as it disappeared behind the mountains it was so stunning and I just loved the black silhouette of the grasses by the bank.

So I am now back home and ready to prepare for my next set of classes this week. I also have the dreaded tax return to do, new cards to create for my next craft club, and lots of preparation for my day event in March. All in all I am going to be really busy for the remainder of January I think ? ? ?


Jo said...

Maria... where is the cabin? Is it on the camp site above the estuary?
It looks amazing.. please pass on the details..


Love Jo xx

Maria said...

Hi there Jo
The actual site is Trawsfynydd Holiday Village which is about 20-30 mins from Barmouth itself. The cabins are each set in their own little garden areas and although there is a shop, launderette and small playground etc it is NOT a commercialised sort of a place. We stay in a family owned cabin but there are lots of rental ones there too. It is beautiful,peaceful and away from it all.
Here is the link for the holiday village itself


Jo said...

thank you Maria.. that isn't the one I stayed on.. but it sounds fab..

I'm off to check it out now. Thank you.

Barmouth is my most favourite place in the world - well, next to Australia of course!

Thank you again. x

Marisa said...

Amazing pictures Maria. Glad to hear you had a nice relaxing break.

It looks like the perfect place to escape to after the busy Christmas period!

Marisa xx

Michelle Custodio said...

Your stay in Wales is so fabulous! Wow.. and nice pictures. I would also like to have a holiday. You've got a very nice blog!

short break in wales.

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