Friday, 6 February 2009

Card Scraps anyone ?

Well as I said yesterday, I am persevering with my craft room clearout and I try to achieve something definite everyday. Yesterday saw me struggling to know what to do with regard to all my C6 and smaller offcuts of card. My A4 and A5 are already taken care of as I have four Magazine holders laid on their back on a shelf ( I have one holder per Stampin Up colour family)

Well last night I had a bit of a brainwave and came up with this idea.

I had one of those little record card plastic boxes ( it had lots of recipes in it that I did years ago but they will be going to a new home with some nice lady who has TIME to cook)

I cut 48 card dividers and attached a tab label to the top of each piece with each colour name written on it( the Stampin Up tab punch is just the bees knees and I am using it sooooo much) I then cut up some plastic cd wallets that were lying around and attached them to the back of each card. So now I have a custom made little storage system for ALL my card scraps. The bigger C6 sort of sized pieces just slot in behind the card dividers but the tiny bits ( I dont part with any off-cuts) are all secure in the attached little plasitc wallet.
The beauty of this is that I can start to check my scraps box now when I am doing a project and go straight to the colour I want to use and see if I have a piece big enough, rather than cut into a larger sheet.
I am so pleased with this and I am convinced it will make me more economic with my cardstock and ultimately it plays an important part in my craft room clean up too.

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Vikki said...

Maria, you are so organised - I wish I could be that organised - your ideas are superb!

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